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Math (pre-calculus)

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Hey! I have a domain and range question! I don't remember how to get these, can you help? How do you calculate the domain and range of these?

What's the domain and range of each?
a. f(x)= 1/x=3

b. g(x)= [square root of] (x+6)

c. h(x)= x^3+2x+5

Thanks for help!:)

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    a) Don't you mean 1/(x-3) ?

    b. The domain is all numbers greater than or equal to -6, since you cannot take a suare root of a negative numbers.
    The range is 0 and all positive numbers.

    c. x and h(x) can be any real number, positive or negative

  • Math (pre-calculus) -


  • Math (pre-calculus) -

    f(x) = x2-4

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