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What is the allusion of this poem??

nothing prepares us for brilliant
entrance of creature of fantasy
or object of enchantment

useless to resist its allure
always takes unawares

drawn to its fiery nature
is instantly smitten

soul’s taken to pyre
heart reduces
to ashes:

hence Icarus’ fate
and the tale of Phoenix

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    I believe it's;
    hence Icarus' fate.

    I think I remember this from last year's literature, but just in case, I checked a definition:
    The definition of an allusion is a reference to, or representation of, a place, event, literary work, myth, or work of art. (from wiki)

    Hope that helps!:)

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    Another allusion is to the tale of Phoenix, a mythical bird that arose from the ashes of a fire.

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    What is the allusion about the meaning??

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    The poem has several references to fire and ashes. Check a dictionary for the meaning of pyre.

    This site about the phoenix will also help you.

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