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The redox reaction below occurs in acidic solution. Balance it with the smallest whole number coefficients and determine the coefficient for H2O.

Zn(s) + NO3-(aq) ---> Zn2+(aq) + N2O(g)

i got 4 as the coefficient for water, but the answer says that it is 5

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    The Zn half is:
    Zn ==> Zn^+2 + 2e

    The NO3^- half is"
    10H^+ + 8e + 2NO3^- ==> N2O + 5H2O

    Multiply the Zn half by 4, the NO3^- half by 1 and add the two equations.
    I have 5 for H2O also.
    If you will type your equation in I will tell you why it is wrong. I know you can look at your answer and compare it with mine and see where the coefficients are not the same; however, it is possible to balance the equation atom for atom and even electron for electron and NOT be balanced.

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