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Junes Verne in 1865 suggested sending people to the Moon by firing a space capsule from a 255 m long cannon with a launch speed of 11.42 km/s. What would have been the unrealistically large acceleration experienced by the space travelers during launch?
Compare your answer with the free-fall acceleration 9.80 m/s2


    0 to 11,420 m/s in 255 meters
    acceleration = a

    velocity = a t
    so 11,420 = a t
    t = 11,420/a

    distance = (1/2) a t^2
    255 = (1/2) a (11,420^2/a^2)
    510 a = 11,420^2
    a = 255,718 m/s^2
    a/g = 26,093 times the acceleration of gravity
    ouch, much better to use a rocket and get up to escape speed more slowly.

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