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Posted by masaya on Saturday, November 1, 2008 at 4:28pm.

Hello. In the class, we did the experiment to calculate the value of Kc for the following reaction:


we measured the mass for 5 cm^3 of all 5 compound above:

CH3COOH 5.236 g
CH3CH2OH 4.021 g
CH3COOCH2CH3 5.020 g
H2O 5.020 g
HCl 5.098 g

when we titrate 2 mol dm^-3 HCl with the 1 mol dm-^3,10 cm^3 NaOH, the result was 4.85 cm^3.

we used the following mixtures in order to find Kc. We titrated with 1 mol dm^-3 NaOH using phenolphthalein as the indicator.

1) 5 cm^3 HCl, 5 cm^3 CH3COOCH2CH3. titration result 38.8 cm^3
2) 5 cm^3 HCl, 1cm^3 H20, 4 cm^ CH3COOCH2CH3.
titration result 35.7 cm^3
3) 5 cm^3 HCl, 2 cm^3 H2O, 3 cm^3 CH3COOCH2CH3.
titration result 30.2 cm^3
4) 5 cm^3 HCl,3 cm^3 H2O, 2 cm^3 CH3COOCH2CH3.
titration result 37.1 cm^3
5) 5 cm^3 HCl, 4 cm^3 CH3COOCH2CH3, 1 cm^3 CH3CH2OH.
titration result 31.5 cm^3
6) 5 cm^3 HCl, 4 cm^3 CH3COOCH2CH3, 1 cm^3 CH3COOH.
titration result 47.4 cm^3
7) 5 cm^3 HCl, 4 cm^3 CH3CH2OH, 1 cm^3 CH3COOH.
titration result 15.1 cm^3
8) 5 cm^3 HCl, 3 cm^3 CH3CH2OH, 2 cm^3 CH3COOH.
titration result 27.3 cm^3

How do we calculate the value of Kc ?
My teacher told us that the literature value is about 4, but I cannot get the correct/nearly correct answer.

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