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Windows XP

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You are assisting a salesperson who has called into the Help Desk with a problem. The user’s laptop has a single hard drive, and he is currently using the laptop on the road while visiting potential sales partners. At one sales site, the technical staff assisted the user in connecting to the partner company’s intranet to retrieve some documents, using the salesperson’s local administrator password to remove his computer from your company’s domain and place it in theirs. The user worked the rest of the day at the sales site and is now calling you from his hotel room because he can no longer log into his computer. His account can not be authenticated, and he can no longer connect to your domain. He can, however, log in as the local administrator, and does so with your guidance. Now he panics, because none of the documents that he needs for the balance of his presentations on this sales trip are visible. The documents were stored in a folder on his desktop. You are able to help him find and retrieve the documents by having him go to the C: drive to find the _________________________ folder, in which he will be able to find his Desktop folder within sub-folders.

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