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Hi! I was wondering if anyone might be willing to check my answers for these... I have a suspiscion they are wrong, but I don't have any correct answers to compare them against. If I got them wrong, would you mind giving a brief explanation? Thank you for your help! (x^2-1)+(-2x+3) (I got 2x+x^2+2).

(X^2-1) (x^2+-9) (I got x^3+-12)

(x^2+-9)-(x+-3) (I got x+12)

f(g(x)) F=3x-4 G=(-x^2)I got -3x^3+4x^2

f(g(x))F=-2x G+-2x^2+3 I got 4x^3+-6x

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    Your answers almost seem like wild guesses. You appear to be in serious need of private tutoring until you grasp basic algebraic rules.

    Why do you have both a + and- in front of the 9 in the first problem and in front of the 3 in the second problem?

    (x^2-1) (x^2-9) = x^4 - 10x^2 +9

    x^2 -9 -(x -3) = x^2 -x -6

    If f=3x-4 and g=(-x^2)
    f[g(x)] = -3x^2 -4
    g[f(x)] = -(3x-4)^2 =-9x^2 +24x -16

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