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Please help!!!

I have a worksheet of problems to do for homework, most of which I don't understand. My teacher hasn't really been answering my questions well. We are supposed to write equations, but if you have another way, that is fine, too. If you know any of the answers, please respond, even if you only know some.

And please walk me through the problem, along with the answer. That is exactly what my teacher didn't do.

1: At a dance party a group of boys and girls exchange dances as follows: one boy dances with 5 girls, a second boy dances with 6 girls, and so on, the last boy dancing with all of the girls. If b represents the number of boys and g the number of girls, then find b in terms of g.

2: The tens digit of a two-digit number exceeds its units digit by 4. The number exceeds twice the number obtained by reversing the digits of the original number by 10. What is the original number? My teacher gave us an equation for this one. I'm not sure if it is right:

10(x+4)x = 2(10x + (x+4))+10
I have NO idea how he got this equation.

3: The number 66 is divided into smaller numbers. One number is 3 more than twice the other number. Find the larger of the two numbers.

4: Find two consecutive odd integers such that 1/3 the smaller plus twice the larger equals 7 more than the sum of the two numbers. My teacher already gave us an equation for this one, too, but please correct me if it isn't right.

1/3x + 2(x+2) = x + (x + 2) +7

My friend got x = 3/7 but I am not sure if this is right, because I did not get that.

Thank you! Your help is VERY much appreciated!!!

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    I can only figure out number 1. First you want to make a table.
    B 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 this is the #
    G 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

    and so on. Do you know how many kids there are?? Or at least how many girls there are. That might help you figure out the answer.

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    That's the problem. You see, if it had said how many kids or how many girls there are, that would have helped. I copied the problem word for word, so that's all there is. Maybe my teacher messed up and forgot some info.

    Thanks for helping! :)

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    No problem!! I was happy to. Thanks for helping me!!

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    if y cube=10 what is the value of y please explain

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    66= (3+2x) + x (x is the smaller of the 2 numbers) Then solve for x, and do (3+2x) do get the larger number

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