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Are the two events dependent or independent? Explain.

a. Toss a dime, and then toss a quarter.
b. Pick a card from a deck of cards. Keep the card and pick anot

  • Math -

    I remember learning this. I'll show you how to do number 1.

    Think, does tossing the dime affect the outcome of tossing the quarter.

    And for number 2, would taking out a card from the deck affect what card you would get next?

    If you need more help, respond again. Hope I helped!

  • Math -

    The answer is no the first card doesn't affect what card you could draw next. Just like the dime doesn't affect the quarter. They are two different variables.

  • Math -

    Melissa gave Bonnie some coins and this puzzle here are 16 pennies 12 nickels and 10 dimes take a way the fewest possible coins so that you leave 3 times as many pennies as dimes, and half as many dimes as Nickels. What coins did Bonnie Take away to solve the puzzle?

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