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Posted by Anna-Marie on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at 12:02am.

Whew. long question.

Barium carbonate is the source of barium compounds. It is produced in an aqueous precipitation reaction from barium sulfide and sodium carbonate. (Barium sulfide is a soluble compound obtained by heating the mineral barite, which is barium sulfate, with carbon.) What are the molecular equation and net ionic equation for the precipitation reaction? A solution containing 33.9 g of barium sulfide requires 21.2 g of sodium carbonate to react completely with it, and 15.6 of sodium sulfide is produced in addition to whatever barium carbonate is obtained. How many grams of barium sulfide are required to produce 10.0 tons of barium carbonate?



7.78(with a line showing sig figs)41266 x 10^6 g BaS

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