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8th Grade Algebra

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Musicians generate sound waves when they sing or play an instrument. The rate at which a sound wave vibrates determines the musical note, or pitch, that you hear. For example, The A note above a note called Middle C has a frequency of 440 vibrations per second.

18) When two notes are a "fifth" apart, the requency of the lower note is 2/3 the frequency of the higher note.

-a Write an equation to model this relationship.
-b fin the frequncey of the notethat is a fifth above the concert pitch.
-c find the frequency of the note that is a fifth below the concert pitch.

Honestly, I don't know what my math book is saying.
These the exact words that were in there.

Help ?!

  • 8th Grade Algebra -

    a) Flow = (2/3) Fhigh

    concert pitch is 440 Hz

    b) 440 = (2/3) Fhigh
    Fhigh = (3/2)440 = 660 Hz

    c) Flow = (2/3)440 = 293 1/3 Hz

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