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how would you solve this problem?
Adult tickets to a play cost $12 and children's tickets cost $5. If 220 tickets were sold and $2542 was collected, how many of each kind of ticket was sold? There are 500 seats in the theater and 280 seats are already filled but we can ignore them.

I had the amount of children's tickets sold as n and the adults as 220-n, representing that if there were 220 tickets in all sold and there were n children's tickets sold, then the remaining would be the amount of adult tickets.
I set up the total as 5n for the children's tickets signifying that for every ticket you would multiply by 5 to get the total cost. How would you set up the adult's total cost?

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    5 n = money for n childrens' tickets
    12 (220-n) = money for (220-n) adult tickets
    5 n + 12 (220-n) = 2542
    5n + 2640 - 12 n = 2542
    -7n = - 98
    n = 14
    220 - n = 206

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