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a 500g piece of silver at 150 degrees celsuis is submerged in 1000g of water at 5 degrees celsuis to be cooled. determine the final temperature of the silver and water given. Cwater=4.18 x 10^3 J/kg.C Csilver = 2.4 x 10^2 J/kg.C

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    Set the heat loss of the silver equal to the heat gain by the water. The final temperatgure should be the only unknown in the equation. Solve for it.

    See if you can set up the equation yourself. Heat loss when going from T1 to T2 is M C (T1 - T2)

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    but do i do sperate equations for both water and silver or do i do it as a combined equation. if its combined do i combine the masses and he heat capacity? i'm so confused

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