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Two strong magnets on opposite sides of a small table are shown. The long-range attractive force between the magnets keeps the lower magnet in place. Suppose the weight of the table is 26.1 N, the weight of each magnet is 8.99 N, and the magnetic force on the lower magnet is 2.41 times its weight.

a)Find the magnitude of the force of the upper magnet on the lower magnet.

b)What is the magnitude of the normal force of the table on the upper magnet?

c)What is the magnitude of the normal force of the table on the lower magnet?

d)What is the normal force of the ground on the table?

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    a) Apply Newton's third law
    b) Draw a free body diagram for the upper magnet and perform a vertical force balance
    c) Do the same for the lower magnet
    d) Ground force on table equals total table force on the ground. Consuder all the weights invloved.

    Show your work if further assistance is needed.

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    for d)

    do u have to include the normal forces and the magnetic forces of the magnets in the calculation as well?

    if so, is the normal force of the lower magnet pointing up or down?

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    For d: No. They cancel out as internal forces.

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    ok...thanx :)

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    could you show the steps for this, if possible?

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