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Homework Help: Critical Thinking

Posted by Ty on Friday, October 24, 2008 at 9:35am.

I think i have some of the answers right but i need help, b/c although i keep reading over the chapter and highlighting the vocab word the definition is not clear to me. Can someone help please?

A(n) is a set of claims intended to support or prove a conclusion.

A(n) is a statement that is either true or false.

A(n) is a claim in an argument, which the rest of the argument is intended to support.

A(n) is a word or phrase - "thus," "therefore" - that shows that a conclusion is up ahead.

A(n) is a true, non-subjective, factual claim.

A(n) claim is a claim about a matter of fact.

A(n) or factual issue is an one whose truth can be settled by an agreed-on method for collecting evidence, the truth about which is a fact, and disagreement about which means that at least one of the people is mistaken.

A(n) is a point being debated; a question that is raised when assessing the truth or falsity of a statement.

A(n) or nonfactual issue is one which cannot be settled by any established or obvious method.

A(n) is something that someone believes, which may be true or false.

A(n) is a claim in an argument, intended to support the conclusion.

A(n) is a word or phrase - "because," "since" - that indicates the appearance of an argument's premise.

The is the premise of an argument.

is the confused and unsupportable belief that everyone's opinion on a factual issue is "right."

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