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Ok. Its about syntax in the post. How
does this look.

Identify the parts of speech in the following sentence.

I usually go swimming with my best friend and his rather unusual girlfriend

I - personal pronoun - countable (I is the subject in this sentence)

usually - adverb (indicates frequency)

go - Verb ( indicates movement)

swimming - Noun. (the act of swimming) Or is it the adjective ??

with - Preposition. (implies accompanying)

my - Possessive adjective. (of or relating to ‘me’)

best - Comparative adjective..

friend - Common noun

and - Conjunction (joins sentence elements)

his - Possessive pronoun. (the possessive form of ‘he’)

rather - adverb. (to a degree)

unusual - adjective. (describes a state outside of usual / a degree of usual)

girlfriend - Compound noun. ( a girl and a friend)

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    I'm glad you got your answers to post.

    All are correct, including "swimming." :-) It's a noun in this sentence.

    Of course, "girlfriend" is a noun, one of the objects of the preposition "with."

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    Ms Sue,
    Thank you so much. Now I feel more confident. Sorry about multiple posting. Had to get how this engine will take a message (syntax)

    Thank you.

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    You're very welcome, Tony. And if you've figured out how to copy and paste in this format, please, please let us know. We volunteer teachers know how to copy and paste in a post -- but we haven't figured out why some students have trouble with it.

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