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chemistry please help!!

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If a dynamite of 100mL needs 3.5atm to explode, what minimum mass of
C3H5(NO3)2 do I need to put in at 25 degree celcius?

I tried to do this by finding the number of moles by the formula PV=nRT and then convert that into this correct?
if not please explain why.

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    Actually, it makes no sense. I wouldn't begin to try to understand it. If one is talking about the volume and pressure of the products after reaction, 25C is nonsense, as this reaction is very exothermic. I am not certain what was in the mind of the problem author, if anything at all.

  • chemistry please help!! -

    my chemistry teacher just made it up. i think she wants to know how much to put in so it will there anyway to solve it even though it sounds akward?

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  • chemistry please help!! -

    Agreed, not a solvable problem really. Is this gaseous or liquid volume?

    Also is it me or do the N atoms not balance?

    Isn't it C3H5(NO3)3 ??

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