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Posted by Gertrude Sanders on Monday, October 20, 2008 at 3:51pm.

Philosophy and Belief in God Matching Activity

Match the following to the philosophies and descriptions below. Use each item only once.

a. St. Anselm
b. Gaunilo
c. St. Thomas Aquinas
d. Julian of Norwich
e. Rene Descartes
f. Gottfried Wilhelm, Baron von Liebniz
g. David Hume
h. Immanuel Kant
i. John Henry Newman
j. Soren Kierkegaard
k. Friedrich Nietzsche
l. William James
m. Mary Daly
n. Alvin Plantinga
o. Theodicy
p. Big Bang
q. Vienna Circle
r. monad
s. leap of faith
t. Reduction proof
Answer Philosophy/Description
1. Godís existence cannot be proved but must be assumed.
2. We learn about God by learning about ourselves.
3. The experience of conscience is proof of Godís existence.
4. Leibnizís reference to basic elements of the universe
5. Feminist critic of traditional philosophies of God
6. A philosophy that, if rejected, would create an absurdity.
7. Developer of the ontological argument
8. The universe is an explosion.
9. Critic of teleological and cosmological arguments
10. Defense of Godís goodness and all-powerfulness
11. One loses nothing by believing in God if He does not exist.
12. Creator of the Five Ways of proving Godís existence
13. A critic of the ontological argument
14. ďGod is deadĒ means there is no rational order.
15. Developer of an effective cosmological argument
16. Philosophers and scientists who supported logical positivism
17. Theists may accept the existence of God as a ďbasic belief.Ē
18. A passionate, nonintellectual commitment
19. Truth is subjective.
20. Developed three proofs of God

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