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A car with a mass of 950 kg and an initial speed of v1 = 21.5 m/s approaches an intersection, as shown in the figure. A 1300 kg minivan traveling northward is heading for the same intersection. The car and minivan collide and stick together. If the direction of the wreckage after the collision is 43.0° above the x axis.
Find the initial speed of the minivan and the final speed of the wreckage, m/s.

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    (950kg)(21.5)=(1300)(Vi van)
    Vi van = (950*21.5)/1300
    Vi Van = 15.71 m/s

    I don't know how to find the second part.
    Can someone answer this ? I was here looking for that answer myself.

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    Never-mind above that's a wrong approach

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