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Can someone please help I am having problems with this assignment?

The Miami Cuban-American Service Center was founded in 1962 as a place for
older Cuban Americans to meet and socialize. Over the years the agency became
increasingly involved in providing human services and other support activities.
The agency expanded to include the operation of three senior centers and one
adult day care center.
In the 1980s, the Miami Cuban-American Service Center also became involved
in the operation of a child day care center. In addition to providing a much-needed
service to the community, the child day care center provided volunteer opportunities
for older Cuban Americans and provided a bridge between the oldest and the
youngest members of the community. A few years later, the agency also began sponsoring
a federal Head Start program. By the late 1990s, the annual operating budget
of the agency had grown to nearly $6 million. Agency revenues are derived from a
variety of public and private sources.
On December 31, 20XX, the former executive director of the agency retired.
The new executive director, a woman with an MSW degree and several years of
experience working for the City of Miami’s Department of Human Services, came
on board on January 1, 20XX. She quickly discovered that when it came to the
financial management of the agency, all responsibility was centralized in her office.
The former executive director had directly handled the agency’s finances including
budget preparation and monitoring and had even handled the agency’s
endowment fund.
The new executive director decides that for the long-term fiscal health of the
organization, more agency administrators need to become involved in the financial
management of the center. She informs the agency staff that it is her intention
to create a program structure for the center, assign a program manager to each program,
and designate the programs as responsibility centers.
You have been appointed by the new executive director to chair a committee of
agency administrators charged with (1) conducting an inventory of the agency’s
various services and activities, (2) recommending a program structure, and (3) recommending
responsibility center designations for each program. The committee
has completed an inventory of agency services and activities (see the following
list), including the number of clients served and an approximation of annual
expenditures. Based on this inventory, the committee must now make a recommendation
to the executive director on a program structure and the designation of
responsibility centers. As chairman, what will be your committee’s recommendation?
How many programs will be in your program structure? What are they?
What is the rationale for each program? What type of responsibility center designation
(expense, revenue, profit, investment) will you assign to each program?

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