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math logic

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There were 1320 pumpkins in a pumpkin patch,
but it was difficult for farmer Joe to find the
perfect pumpkin.
• Every third pumpkin was too small.
• Every fourth pumpkin was too green.
• Every fifth pumpkin had a broken stem.
• Every sixth pumpkin had the wrong shape.
How many perfect pumpkins did farmer Joe find
in the pumpkin patch?

we thought the answer was 440. 1320/6=220. Then 1320-220=1100. then 1100/5=220. then subtract 1100-220=880 nd so on...does that make sense?

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    Please study the answers you were given earlier.

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    440 is not the right answer... it's 528 with the venn diagram
    but i don't know how the diagram is suppose to look

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    Of 500 employees, 200 participate in a company's profit sharing plan(P), 400 have major insurance coverage(M), & 150 employees participate in both programs. Construct a Venn diagram and find out the probability that a randomly selected employees a) will be a participant in at least one of two programs b)Will not be a participant in either program

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