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Homework Help: Science

Posted by Cindy on Thursday, October 16, 2008 at 7:34pm.

Hey everyone I need some omework jelp as you can see.I'm not that well in Science so could you give me some tips? And i would like somr homework help for the following passge and answers.

DIRECTIONS Read the paragraph and answer the questions.

You can find examples of the different forms of energy in nature.
Lightning is a natural example of electrical energy. Heat energy inside Earth warms underground water and rock, producing geysers and volcanos. Fireflies and other animals with glowing body parts are natural examples of light sources. The Sun, however, is the most important light source for Earth. Light from the Sun is a form of solar energy.

1.)Where is the water that is released by a geyser heated?

2.)Where in nature could you find a source of the same energy as that provided by batteries? Explain.

3.)Is all light energy solar energy?

4.)Lightning is an example of electrical energy. What is another type of energy associated with lightning? Explain.

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