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Honors Biology

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Can someone check my work please? We had to fill in the blanks of a short paragraph with the correct keywords, but all these acronyms (I think that's what they're called ;P) confuse me. My answers will be in parentheses.

" The Calvin Cycle begins when one molecule of carbon dioxide is added to each of three (RuBP) molecules to form three 6-carbon molecules. Each of the 6-carbon molecules splits in half to form two 3-carbon molecules of (PGA). The cell 'spends' molecules of (RuBP) and (PGA) to energize the 3-carbon molecules. This forms six molecules of PGAL. One of the newly formed PGAL molecules leaves the cycle. The remaining five PGAL rearrange into three molecules of (NADPH). This rearrangement requires the cell to 'spend' three more molecules of (ATP). "

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