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english language arts

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this is what i got for the earlier qeustion

1)f 2)g 3)a 4)a 5)B 6)B 7)A 8)E 9)F 10)A 11)A 12)D 13)h 14)h 15)a 16))f 17)b 18)h 19)h 20)c 21)g 22)a 23)h 24)a 25)b 26)a 27)e 28)b 29)f 30)c 31)c 32)a 33)a 34)c 35)g 36)h 37)g 38)b 39)h 40)a

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    A. singular possessive noun
    B. plural possessive noun
    C. singular possessive pronoun
    D. plural possessive pronoun
    E. singular verb
    F. incorrect usage
    G. singular noun
    H. plural noun
    tell me the answers for the following chose from the answers choices above
    1) goe's F
    2)his F incorrect answer
    3) goose's A
    4)man's F incorrect answer
    5)men's B
    6)donkeys' B
    7)Canada's A
    8)follows E
    9)its F incorrect answer
    10)Hank's A
    11)capital's A
    12)girls' D incorrect answer
    13)brothers-in-law H
    14)hers H incorrect answer
    15)mother-in-law's A
    16)Chris's F incorrect answer
    17)duchess' B incorrect answer
    18)duchesses H
    19)theirs H incorrect answer
    20)one hour's C incorrect answer
    21)strategy G
    22)Nevada's A
    23)sisters H
    24)sister's A
    25)sisters' B
    26)fellow's A
    27)sends E
    28)winners' B
    29)ours F incorrect answer
    30)nobody's C
    31)everybody's C
    32)Gregory's A
    33)female's A
    34)he'e C incorrect answer
    35)somebodys G incorrect answer
    36)ourselfs H incorrect answer
    37)mine G incorrect answer
    38)miners' B
    39)people H ?? You need to look this one up and decide if it's a singular or plural.
    40)school's A

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    seed folk

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