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Capstone Discussion Question

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Post your response to the following: If you were an environmental researcher and were

given funding to assist with one environmental issue, which of the following topics would

you choose to spend your funds on?

o Human population

o Atmospheric pollution

o Water resources

o Terrestrial resources

o Energy conservation

· What influenced your choice? What would the ultimate goal of your research be?

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    There is no RIGHT answer to this question. It is for you to think about and justify, based up you your own interests and what you think it is important to learn.

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    Human population

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    If I had endless funds it is very hard to pick just one topic to work on because they are all so important. I think if I had to chose I would go with energy conservation and focus on the production and use of renewable energy It is vital to the preservation of our world (and our wallets) for something to change in the way we power our vehicles and heat our homes. There are so many other ways of do things, but it is not cost effective for us to "go green". Someone should really investigate why that is and do something to help convert the masses in a cost effective way. I don't think anyone really cares how their home is heated, if it works and it is cost effective. Fossil fuels work, but they will run out, and before they run out, we all may end up broke. Something needs to be done, so that is where I would focus my study and my funding

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