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Posted by dawn on Monday, October 13, 2008 at 6:48pm.

Can anyone give me suggestions on the following information that will help me please..
Choose a disruptive or off-task behavior that is routinely displayed in a classroom.
Prepare a 10-minute role-playing script based on the off-task or disruptive behavior
routinely displayed in a classroom. The script involves the following characters:
o An effective classroom teacher
o The misbehaving or off-task student
o Another student who is not misbehaving or off-task
o The parent of the misbehaving or off-task student
Answer the following questions about your script:
o How does the teacher in this role-play demonstrate your personal philosophy of
classroom management?
o What classroom expectations or procedures might prevent off-task or disruptive
o What negative consequences are appropriate for this type of classroom behavior?

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