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Posted by Blair on Monday, October 13, 2008 at 1:43pm.

I asked this question before, I asked what are some good "Compensation and Benefits" discussion topics? And people gave me a lot of ideas:

Higher wages
Flexible hours
Work at home
Increased health care benefits
Benefits for same-sex partners
Benefits for opposite-sex partners
Input into management decisions
Lower case load
On-site child care
Liberal policy for days off
laptops paid for by the company
dental plans
flexible vacation plans.
Comp time
tuition allowance for employees

I am struggling of choosing a main question to ask to lead a discussion. For example, for higher wages, should company paid higher wages? the obvious answer would be yes, higher wages, workers more satisfied, more productive....
I am having trouble depicting one question that could lead into a comprenhensive discussion or some kind of debate. Any suggestions?

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