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Which three areas do you believe to be most prevalent, or which three areas have the greatest consequence in the workplace? Justify your answers. Chose from these.... Using e-mail to harass co-workers.
Using company services (including the Internet) for personal use.
Padding an expense account.
Calling in sick to take a day off.
Authorizing a subordinate to violate company rules.
Pilfering company materials and supplies.
Accepting gifts/favors in exchange for preferential treatment.
Giving gifts/favors in exchange for preferential treatment.
Taking longer than necessary to do a job.
Divulging confidential information.
Doing personal business on company time.
Concealing mistakes.
Passing blame for errors to an innocent co-worker.
Claiming credit for someone else’s work.
Falsifying time/quality/quantity reports.
Taking extra personal time (late arrivals, longer lunch hours and breaks, early departures).
Not reporting others’ violations of company policies and rules.
Copying copyrighted computer software.
Hiring a key employee from a competitor.
Dating someone who works for you.
Abusive or intimidating behavior toward other employees.

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