March 29, 2017

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1/C=1/C1 + 1/C2 for C1

This multiple choice and the listed answers are:
a.)C1= CC2/(C2-C)
b.)C1= C-C2/C
c.)C1= C+C2/CC2
d.)C1= C+C2/C2

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    Show us your attempt to do the algebra. You won't learn a thing is you ask us to just do your work for you.

    The first step would be to write
    1/C1 = 1/C - 1/C2 = (C2 - C)/(C*C2)
    The take the reciprocal of both sides.

    Very nearly the same question was posted last night. Was it by you?

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    Yes, I am still having problems with this problem. I understand this part
    1/C1 = 1/C - 1/C2
    but I don't understand this part:
    (C2 - C)/(C*C2)

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    Okay I understand it now I have to make them have the same denominators so I multiply 1/C by the numerator and denominator by C2 so it would be C2/(C2*C)
    and the other part is 1/C2 times C which would be C/(C2*C) which would make the problem 1/C1= C2-C/(C2*C)
    what do I do next?

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    Flip both fractions upside down, as i indicated earlier.

    You will be using the fact that if a/b = c/d, then b/a = d/c

    You will end up with the equation for C1

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