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A. The forensic technician at a crime scene has just prepared a luminol stock solution by adding 13.0 g of luminol into a total volume of 75.0 mL of H2O.

-What is the molarity of the stock solution of luminol?

B. Before investigating the scene, the technician must dilute the luminol solution to a concentration of 5.00×10−2 \ M. The diluted solution is then placed in a spray bottle for application on the desired surfaces.

-How many moles of luminol are present in 2.00 L of the diluted spray?

What volume of the stock solution (Part A) would contain the number of moles present in the diluted solution (Part B)?


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    M = mols/L
    mols = g/molar mass
    Therefore, determine molar mass, divide into grams luminol and divide that by 75 mL (in liters) to obtain molarity = M.

    B. M x L = mols
    You know M and you know L, calculate mols.
    C. Mols = M x L.
    You know mols from B, you know molarity (M) from part A, calculate L.
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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    thank you :)

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