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1) The portion of the population selected to participate in a poll is known as the
a. public
b. population
c. deliberative group
d. sample
e. focus group
2) A sample that does not overrepresent any portion of the population and whose responses can therefore be safely generalized to the whole is known as a
a. straw sample
b. non probability sample
c. convenience sample
d. quota sample
e. random sample
3) When a poll has a sample that does not represent all segments of the population, the result is called
a. a systematic random sample.
b. a straw poll
c. sample bias
d. sampling error
e. erroneous data
4) Sampling error refers to
a. a number that indicates within what range the results of a poll are accurate.
b. the number of mistakes made by a pollster.
c. a situation in which a sample is not representative of the larger universe being measured.
d. mistakes made in the recording of response in a poll.
e. a situation in which question wording biases the results.

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