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Posted by John on Saturday, October 11, 2008 at 9:29am.

1. The work is too difficult to do.
2. The work is so difficult that I cannot do it.

(Does #1 mean #2? Are both the same?)

3. Mother Teresa......

(Why do you use 'Mother' before Teresa, the famous nun who passed away?)

4. I hope to be a scientise.
5. I hope that I will be a scientist.

(Can #4 be changed into #5? Are both the same?)

6. I am so glad to see you.
7. I am so glad that I see you.
(Are both the same? Are they interchangable?

8. He has two sons wearing white shirts.

9. He has two sons who are wearing white shirts.

10. He has two sons who wear white shirts.

(Are #8,9,and 10 the same?)

11. Do you know why to go abroad?
12. Do you know why you should go abroad?

Does #12 mean #11? Can we say like (#11?)


Would you like to answer my questions?

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