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Find three consecutive even integers such that twice the product of the first and last numbers is 28 more than the square of the second number.

I know the answers i just need to know how to get to them and ive spent 30 min on it HELP ME!!!!

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    let the integers be n, n+1, and n+2


    solve for n, notice it is a quadratic.

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    Buy why wouldn't it be n, n+2, and N+4 because it is even ingergers,

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    this question is still not answered will some one walk through it step by step

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    you are right, it should have been
    n, n+2 and n+4 so let's adjust bobpursley's equation to look like

    2n(n+4) - 28 = (n+2)^2

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    lets start with the equation
    2n(n+4) - 28 = (n+2)^2
    using formula (a+b)^2=a^2+2ab+b^2

    Solving for n, we get n=4

    So the even consecutive numbers are 4,6,and 8.....


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