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The rocketdriven sled Sonic Wind No. 2, used for investigating the physiological effects of large accelerations, runs on a straight, level track that is 1080 long. Starting from rest, it can reach a speed of 1610 in 1.80 .

what is the distance covered in 1.80s?

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    You neglected to say what your length and speed dimensions are. That is a serious error in physics. They are probably either feet or meters.

    If it reaches a speed of 1610 (m/s?)in 1.80 s, its average speed during that interval is 805 m/s. Multiply 805 m/s by the time interval (1.80 s) for the distance traveled. Make sure you include the length dimension units.

    I come up with a distance covered (while reaching top speed)that exceeds the track length. Are you sure you copied the problem coreectly?

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