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I put a peice of copper into a flame and I need to write a word equation for it. Whats a flame made up of cause I wanna write

copper + _____ -> _______ + ________

I know its a synthesis reaction.

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    It isn't the flame that is reacting with Cu. Its the air. The flame simply raises the temperature to make the reaction with oxygen of the air a little faster.
    copper + oxygen ==> copper oxide.
    You will have a little problem here (I would have a little problem, too) because copper forms both copper(I) oxide as well as copper(II) oxide. Which one do we choose? If the copper is in the form of a foil and is placed in a crucible with a lid, it forms copper(I) oxide. I think copper metal heated in an open flame of a burner would form copper(II) oxide but check me out on that.

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