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I need help solving this math problem, please:

Angela's math test had 100 multiple-choice questions. Each correct answer was worth 1 point, each incorrect answer was worth -2 points, and skipped questions were worth 0 points. Angela answered an even number of questions, was unable to complete the entire test, and did answer some questions incorrectly. Her test score was an 88. How many questions did she answer correctly? How many questions did she answer incorrectly?

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    let the number of correct be x
    let the number of incorrect be y

    then x - 2y = 88

    we know y>0, x<100, x+y < 100

    how about y=1 then x = 90
    y = 2 , then x = 92
    y = 3 then x = 94

    y = 4 then x = 96 but she missed some

    so the three possible answers are:
    90 correct, 1 incorrect
    92 correct, 2 incorrect
    94 correct, 3 incorrect

    all your conditions are met.

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    thank you!

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    small adjustment to my answer.

    I just noticed it said, "she answered an even number of questions", I had read it as an even number of correct questions.

    so the only possible answer is
    92 correct, 2 incorrect

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