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Gr.11 - Rational functions graphing.

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1. Identify a rational function whose graph is a horizontal line except for two holes. Graph the function.

2. Identify a rational function who graph lies entirely above the x-axis and has a single vertical asymptote. Graph the function.

3. Identify a rational function who graph has the horizontal asymptote y=2 and two vertical asymptotes. Graph the functions.

Could someone please explain to me how i would be able to figure out how to find these rational functions? And if it won't be any trouble to you, could you provide examples.. i really need to understand this because i have a quiz coming up. thanks in advance!

  • Gr.11 - Rational functions graphing. -

    1. ((x-2)(x+3))/((x-2)(x+3))
    Anything with reoccurring factors as the numerator and denominator will become a hole.

  • Gr.11 - Rational functions graphing. -


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