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I need help determining what impact the following has on force:

The factor of 2 is added to force and the mass is cut by 1/3.

Can anyone help me?

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    a factor of 2 is added to force?

    like 110+ 2 or 342,453 + 2?

    One cannot answer that without knowing the original force. Now if force was changed by a factor of 2,

    a=F/m=2/1/3= 6

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    The formula that I have to work with is


    This is so confusing to me! I appreciate your help so much!

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    f = ma
    2*f = (1/3)*m*a.
    If a is to stay constant (your problem didn't say that but I assume that's what you means), you have effectively multiplied the force by 6? Check my thinking

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