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AP Chem!

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Hey, I have a test tomorrow in ap chemistry on gases. My teacher said that the test would be many open ended questions that are sort of like "explain what happens when a balloon is lowered into 77degrees C of liquid nitrogen and why"

Can you guys give me some other examples so I can practice? Thanks!

BTW: this is my first time using the site, so I don't really know how it works.

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    Probably not without knowing your teacher. Open ended could be anything from trivial to substantive.

    Know what bp of gases is, know the failures of the ideal gas assumptions, Daltons law of partial pressures, Law of effusion, and of course thermodynamic considerations. But these are general considerations, and some your teacher may not have even covered.

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    oh ok, thank you. I was pretty much asking for some type of situation. Such as what happens to a balloon when. blah. but i see what you mean. My teacher often relates back to old AP tests for his tests.

    I have one more quesiton: what are the units of the rates in the law of effusion?

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    rate can be mass/time, or volume/time. Normally, volume/time.

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    The unit will the those of rate; i.e., liters/min, liters/hour, mL/second, etc. Any unit of volume (usually used for gases)/unit time.

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