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What are some solutions to the issue of slavery?

all I can think of is protesting against it. is that good?
what other solutions can help the issue?

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    Are you asking about modern slavery -- especially in Africa?

    Or are you asking about slavery in the U.S. before the Emancipation Proclamation?

    Or maybe slavery in ancient times?

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    I'm asking about slavery in the US before the Emancipation Proclamation

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    Let's looked at what worked. First, slavery was eventually doomed in the South as cotton was wearing out the land. Dependence upon one-crop was not feasible over the long haul.

    Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin galvanized many Northern readers. Strong anti-slavery movements also helped spell the demise of holding human beings in bondage.

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    But what are some solutions to the issue of slavery? like how can we stop it?
    I thought of protesting against it. Do you agree with that?

    can help me think of another solution please...

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    Yes, protesting is one way of stopping slavery. Giving speeches, writing pamphlets, helping run-away slaves, and electing anti-slavery government representatives also helped.

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