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For groups of 80 or more people, a charter bus company determines the rate per person according to the formula:

Rate=8-0.05(n-80),n(greater than or equal to)80

where the rate is given in dollars and 'n' is the number of people.

Now, Express the revenue 'R' for the bus company as a function of 'n'.

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    Your equation already expresses the revenue R as a function of n
    Did you want to express n as a function of R ?

    If so, expand it first, then solve for n
    R = 8 - .05n + 4
    R = 12 - .05n , this is the simplest R expressed as a function of n
    .5n = 12 - R
    n = (12 - R)/.05

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    well the problem does say express the revenue for the bus company as a function of n.

    maybe this will help:

    here are the answer choices:

    4.none of these

    thanx so much

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    You'd have saved yourself and Reiny a lot of time if you'd posted the answer choices in your original message. You also may have gotten a more explicit answer if you'd posted your thoughts on this answer.

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    well i didn't want to post the answers because someone could easily choose an answer choice. i just wanted to compare reiny's answer to the answer i'd already gotten. i wanted to double check from a credible source.

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    Revenue = (240n-n^2)/20
    n is greater than or equal to 80

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