December 22, 2014

Homework Help: Check answers please? (grammar)

Posted by Emily on Tuesday, September 30, 2008 at 10:27pm.

Can someone please check my answers to the sentences? I want to see if I properly understand this stuff before turning it in for credit :)

"Identify the direct objects and indirect objects in the following sentences. Not all sentences contain indirect objects."

1. Last summer, Leroy told us his plans for the future. (direct object -- plans; indirect object -- us)

2. He wants a place on the U.S. swim team in the next Olympic games. (direct object -- place; indirect object -- team)

3. Of course, this goal demands hours of hard practice. (direct object -- hours)

4. Every day, Leroy swims one hundred laps in the college pool and works out with weights for an hour. (direct object -- laps)

5. Such intense training could limit his social activities. (direct object -- activities; indirect object -- training)

6. With his rigorous schedule, Leroy doesn't have much time to spend with friends. (direct object -- time)

7. However, we all understand and give him much encouragement and support. (direct object -- encouragement, support; indirect object -- him)

8. We can't teach him the fine points of competitive swimming. (direct object -- points; indirect object -- him)

9. His coach does that. (direct object -- that)

10. Maybe we'll see Leroy at the next Olympics! (direct object -- Leroy)

Thanks!!! :)

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