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Cycle Paths, Inc. makes bicycles, tricycles, and unicycles. Last week they made 88 more bicycles than unicycles, and 5 times as many tricycles as unicycles. If they made 40 more bicycles than tricycles, how many unicycles did they make.

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    Let B = no. of bicycles, U = no. of unicycles and T = no. of tricycles. Then you're told that:

    B = 88 + U
    T = 5U
    B = 40 + T.

    But T=5U, so B = 40 + 5U
    So since B = 88 + U, you know that
    40 + 5U = 88 + U, so 4U = 48. From there you can work out what all of U, B and T are, and check that all three equations work.

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