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Science-8th Grade

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5. Volume is an object is how much ________ it takes up.

6. When we measure the temperature of an object in the metric system, we use _______

7. Scientist say that measuring mass of an object means measuring how much matter something has. What is matter?

8. You are a space traveler and you go visit another galaxy, where the force of gravity is 10 times the force of gravity on Earth.
-If you weigh 150 lbs, how much will you weigh in this other galaxy?
-How will your mass be affected?

9. The base unit for measuring mass in the metric sytem is ________

10. What does the prefix "kilo" mean ? ________

11. What does the prefic "milli" mean? ________

I have touble with the Metric System and measuring.

  • Science-8th Grade -

    You have posted multiple questions and received help. Your root problem you already know by acknowledging that you have trouble with the metric system. Providing more answers for you will not help you understand it. Here is the basic metric system.
    unit (grams, liter, second, meter, etc)

    To convert from one unit to another, just move the decimal point to the left or to the right. Move to the left if going UP the table and move the decimal to the right if going DOWN the table. For example, convert 22.0 mm to cm. Start with your pencil on mm, we go up the table so move the decimal one place to the left to change mm to cm. The answer is 2.2 cm.
    Change 22 kg to grams. Place your pencil on kg, we go down to table to get to grams so move the decimal to the right 1 place to change to hg, 2 places to change to dkg, and a third place to change to grams; therefore, 22 kg = 22000 grams. I hope this helps get you started on the right path. Memorize the prefixes or practice so much that you don't need to memorize them. Here is a web site that lists all of the prefixes as approved by the IUPAC.

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