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We are doing limits in Calculus, but now we are doing trig limits too and i do not get how to do any of them.
For example ones like this, how do you do them?

sec (x-1) / (x sec x) x approaches 0

((3 sin (x)) 1 - cos(x)) / (x^2) x approaches 0

(sin (2x)) / (sin (3x)) x approaches 0

(1-tan(x)) / (sin (x) - cos (x)) x approaches 0

I just want to learn how to these kinds of limits so i know how to do all the types.

Please help, is there a website that will teach me how to do these kinds of limits?

Thank You.

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    If going to the limit results in a 0/0 or infinity/innfinity indeterminate fraction, then take the ratio of the derivatives of the numerator and denominator to get the limit. That is called L'Hopital's rule.

    For the question
    Lim (sin (2x)) / (sin (3x))
    the answer is [2 (cos(0)]/[3 cos(0)] = 2/3

    Remember that sin x is very close to x when x is small. this tells you right away that it approaches 2x/3x = 2/3

    For a website that should help, Google "L'Hopital's rule".

    One good site is'H%C3%B4pital's_rule

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