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Homework Help: British Literature

Posted by W I C K E D on Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 3:17pm.

#1: Elizabethan productions used (A) extensive scenery (B) elaborate costumes (C) velvet curtains (D) no props.

#1: B

#2: Shakespeare often indicated the end of a scene with (A) a rhyming couplet (B) a line of tetrameter (C) a malapropism (D) a silly song.

#2: A

#3: Music in "Twelfth Night" (A) indicated changes in scenes (B) sets the mood (C) highlights themes (D) all of the above.

#3: D

#4: In Act 5, Malvolio (A) has learned from the practical joke played on him (B) declares revenge on everyone (C) asks Olivia to marry him (D) forgives Sir Toby.

#4: B

#5: Identify the figure of speech in the following statement: "Good Mistress Accost, I desire better acquaintance." (A) malapropism (B) pun (C) oxymoron (D) metaphor.

#5: A

#6: Identify the figure of speech in the following statement: "Your reason, dear venom, give thy reason." (A) malapropism (B) pun (C) oxymoron (D) metaphor.

#6: D

#7: (A) Shakespearean (B) Italian (C) Petrarchan (D) Spenserian.

#7: A

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