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Chemistry, Buffers, pH

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Hi could someone please help me in the next 5 minutes with this question:

Given this data:
mass of unknown acid 1.4671g
Volume of NaOH used in titration 18.47mL
Concentration of the NaOH used 0.2403M
pH of the original acid solution 2.16
pH of the final acid solution 3.49

Show me how do I calculate the concentration of undissociated acid from pH measurements? and

How do I calculate the total concentration of Unknown acid from pH measurements?

If this helps answer, I have already found the molecular weight to be 165.3 g/mol
the molarity of unknown acid solution from titration is 0.1774 M
and the Ka of the unknown acid is 0.000324

Thank you so much to whoever replies...

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