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In some countries such as AUSTRALIA, citizens are required BY LAW to vote in a national election.If they are over 18-years-old they must be registerd to vote and if they fail to go to their polling place on election day, they may be subject to a fine.


//////please help me if you can i just need some ideas..

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    If everyone were required to vote, theoretically everyone would have a voice in government.

    But would they? Would some people turn in a nearly blank ballot? Would some people just mark anything?

    How do you think people who don't want to vote would feel? Are their feelings important?

    Another thought -- would more people vote if registering to vote and obtaining absentee ballots were easier? Would more people vote if elections were held on Saturday -- or if all election days were legal holidays?

    Is it the American way to force people to vote? Or would forcing people to vote be more like traffic laws?

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    My opinion - Yes, all citizens should be required to vote. If you want to enjoy the privilege of a democracy, representative govt., then you have an obligation to vote. I also think that one should have a driver's license that can be marked when voting and if it is not marked then you lose the privilege of driving. I am just one of those people who believes that you earn privileges by accepting responsibilites.

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    Does republican democracy still work if it is forced?! Should not the right to refuse to do something be a free choice as well so long as it does infringe on the liberties of others?!

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