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"Suppose you had a mole of gold atoms (radius=144pm) and could link the atoms together like a string of pearls. How many of these gold necklaces could you make using 1 mole of gold atoms so that each necklace would stretch from the earth to the sun? (Distance from earth to the sun =92.58 million miles; 1 mile=1.6093km)."

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    Au has a radius of 144 pm so the diameter is 288 pm and that is 288 x 10^-12 meters. Convert that to km, convert 92.58 million miles to km, and divide distance by the diameter. Post your work if you get stuck.

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    92.58*10^6 = 148,988,994km


    This doesn't seem right?

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    I got 1164.07 necklaces. The answer above is how many gold atoms it takes to go around the earth, but you have to divide that into Avagadro's number because that is how many atoms you have to work with. Idk. I could be wrong.

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