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1. I went to the art museum to take a lok at works of art.

2. I went to Sajik Sports Complex to watch a baseball game.

3. I went to London Market to buy some fish.

4. I went to London Bookstore to buy some books.

5. I went to Starbucks to drink tea with my colleagues.

6. I went to London Beach to swim at the beach.

7.I went to the clothing store to buy a fur coat.

8. I went to the hair salon to have my hair cut.

9. I went to the barber's shop to have my hair cut.

10. I went to the bakery to buy some bread.

11. I went to MacDonald's to eat hamburgers.


Am I suing the names of the places correctly?
Would you correct the errors?

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    1. I went to the art museum to take a look at works of art.

    9. I went to the barber shop to have my hair cut.

    All the others are fine!


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    Yes, those are all correct.

    Before proper nouns, we can either use "the" or not. I depend upon what sounds right. In the case of "New York Theater" in your last post, you could also say, "I went to New York Theater."

    As you're learning, there are almost no comprehensible rules for using "the." My 19-year-old Korean friend who has lived in the States for almost 10 years and is an honor student, still occasionally makes an error using an article.

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